Applied Ontology

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X-phi and Moral Psychology

Psychological Differences Between A- and B-Theorists (draft available)

Experimental Philosophy, Robert Kane, and the Concept of Free Will.” Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics 3 (1), 2015: pp. 281-296.

–Presented at the Free Will Conference at the Center for Cognition and Neuroethics, October 2014. Awarded the Kane-Dennett Prize.

–Presented at Blameless Buffalo? Conference on Free Will, May 2015

“Michael Smith & the Experimental Philosophers” presented at the University of Buffalo’s Regents Talk Series, Fall 2013

General Philosophy

Man a Machine, Man a Yogi” included in Yoga and Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell. Copyright 2011.

“Truth and Film: Nelson Goodman, Werner Herzog, and Dogme95” presented at the University of Toronto, Truth Matters Conference. Fall 2010.

“Is There Evidence from Evil that Theism is False? A Public Debate” a public debate held at the University at Buffalo. I argued in the affirmative, and my colleague David Limbaugh offered rebuttal. Link.