New Industrial Ontology Foundry (IOF) website

The IOF has a new website available here. Melinda Hodkiewicz and her group at The University of Western Australia are owed thanks for taking it on, and organizing an IOF conference taking place shortly in Oslo as well.

Working groups for the IOF have been busy lately, despite the government shut-down. Recent presentations concerning foundational ontologies have come from Michael Grunniger on PSL, Nicola Guarino on DOLCE, and Barry Smith on BFO.

New: Intelligence Ontology Laboratory (IOLab)

There is now a new inter-organizational laboratory designed to facilitate and showcase work in ontology for the intelligence community: IOLAB. Stay tuned for developments. Graduate students and ph.d. candidates who are interested in pursuing careers in ontology are encouraged to read some of the materials there, follow links, and inquire about future opportunities. Here is a video of Barry Smith discussing one prominent, related effort in this domain: the Joint Doctrine Ontology (JDO).