I grew up outside Topeka, KS and graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.A. in 2005, majoring in English, French, and Philosophy. I moved to New York City and received a masters from Stony Brook University in Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics. For some years, I worked in publishing by day while teaching at John Jay College, mostly at nights. I worked for New Directions Publishing, W.W. Norton & Co., Harper Collins Publishing, and Penguin Books USA. In 2012, I moved to Buffalo, NY and began work in the ph.d. program at SUNY-Buffalo. I have studied experimental philosophy and moral psychology and have been fortunate to help James Beebe in organizing the Annual Buffalo xPhi Conference for a couple years. I am presently working with Barry Smith on an ontological approach to moral psychology and game theory, which I believe will help researchers investigate moral behavior by providing a new, continuously updating form of meta-analysis. This work is the subject of my dissertation.